So How Do You Do This?

So how do you do this? I have speaking in theory, about a friend of mine who is in a lot of trouble. He has been very poor in his judgment with women, or at least he decides to get involved with any woman who will have him and she ends up costing him a lot of money. I do not feel too badly for him, but I am curious as to what his options are. For example I have heard some talk about credit mediation, which obviously would mean that you would hire a third person to negotiate with your creditors. The idea is obviously to talk them in to giving you terms that you can live with, compared to whatever you have at the moment. Read the rest of this entry »

Trading Programs for Forex in Nigeria

I have been reading about Forex trading for the past few months, and I would like to put hat I have learned into action, by trying to do some trading. I want to get a program that will help me to make money when I am doing this though, because I am a bit worried about how it is going to work in practice. Anyway, I am going to look into Instaforex in Nigeria as a friend recommended to me, and now I would like to learn more about it, to see if it is something that I can use to try to make some money.

I have selected Nigeria as a good company to try to make money off of betting on the value of the currency, because I know more about the economy of Nigeria than any other country and so it seems like a good bet to trade on stuff you know a lot about. I am not sure how this will go, to be honest, and since I am kind of a cautious person in general, I am only going to start off with a small amount of money.

I am really kind of upset that I had not thought to give this a try earlier, because I am hoping to make extra money in various ways, and this seems to be one of the easiest ways to make money, if you can do it right. It is probably also a good way to lose money, but I intend to make a good strategy to make sure that I can’t lose that much money. I hope that I will have good luck, but good luck will not be enough to keep me from losing money and I am going to have to do my best as well.

How to Manage and Budget Finances

There are times when I look at my budget and I want to cry. Why? Because I really don’t have a budget. I have absolutely no plan for my future, no idea what I want to do for myself and I have no clue as to how to save for retirement. I’m thirty years old and I know that I have arrived far too late to ever become a successful individual. I know that the money that I have now, the money that I make, is always going to be extremely limited. I need a budget calculator if I really want to make any meaningful changes!

I believe now after being unable to budget as an adult that finances should be a class that is introduced into modern schools. Read the rest of this entry »

I Was in Need of Money in Singapore

My wife and I decided to pack it up and go to Singapore for vacation last year because we had heard so many great things about the place. If you had told me we would need a money lender in singapore I would have laughed in your face. We were planning on going for one week and one week only. Once we were there, we immediately fell in love. The culture had taken us in and we were in awe. The people, the architecture, the art, and everything else really blew us away. We did a lot of thinking and we ultimately decided that we would make Singapore our permanent residence. It was a really tough decision because it was like we were leaving behind everything we both knew to live in this amazing new place. We decided to take the plunge and see what living in Singapore was like. The only problem was we didn’t have enough money. We had only brought what we thought we would need for a week. Read the rest of this entry »

Unwanted Guidance and Wisdom from Parents

Although I am a thirty year old man, my parents still do their best to try and direct what sort of decisions I need to be making. It can be a trying experience but after the years of consistently and kindly doing what I can to re-direct their energies to other people’s lives (like their own, for instance), I’ve grown used to it in a way a hand might grow a callous when using a tool after a period of time. It’s much the same. My mother is encouraging me to look into Coral Gables homes for sale despite my insistence that I want nothing to do with buying a house.

They really don’t get it. Read the rest of this entry »

The Middle of the Road Choice

For the past year I’ve been having a debate with my dad over my buying a house. Specifically, it’s my refusal to buy a house that has him so worked up. I get it, I really do; he worked and struggled for years in order to provide a home for his family, sacrificing much of his happiness, his time and his personal freedom so we might be safely nestled in an American dream conveniently found in the suburbs. I love him for it but it’s not me. What’s me is the ad for the condos for sale in Sunny Isles. I don’t need a home, I need a condo and he hates it.

In his eyes he firmly believes that not buying a home at my age is some kind of affront to America and it’s supposed way of life. To him, it’s a slap in his face that I would not want to have the same things that he had attained and in fact, it’s more likely that I would be lowering my personal standards. Read the rest of this entry »

How Do Public Records Affect Your Credit Score?

According to BSC Alliance, it’s estimated that anywhere from 1.3 to 1.5 million Americans file for bankruptcy protection each year. In 2013, Fox Business News reported that the IRS filed over 300,000 tax liens, or unpaid assessed money against your property or salary. Hundreds of thousands more Americans have court judgments filed against them.

So just what do bankruptcy, tax liens and court judgments have in common? They’re all types of public records – or public legal documents – that can appear, linger and negatively impact your credit score. In fact it’s estimated that bankruptcy alone can dock an otherwise good credit score of up to 200 points. But that might not be the worst part about this public record. Arguably the worst part about bankruptcy is that it can stay on your credit report for up to 10 years, if credit repair or debt management strategies are not applied. Yes, for bankruptcy – as well as many other types of public records – one way to repair credit is to wait out the years until it expires from your credit history. It goes without saying that a key credit tip to maintaining a favorable score is to avoid these public record pitfalls. Here’s some additional information on public records and how it can impact you:

Bankruptcy: We already covered a bit about how filing for bankruptcy impacts your credit score and how it can stay on your credit history for 7 to 10 years, depending on which Chapter you file for. Having a bankruptcy removed from your credit report is challenging and will require several disputes, but it is possible, as long as it has been discharged.

Tax Lien: Tax liens are filed either against your money or your property, indicating that you owe money to the IRS. But tax liens work a bit differently than bankruptcy and other public records. That’s because after you pay a tax lien, it is “released.” And although even tax liens that have been released can stay on a credit report for up to 7 years, you can contact the IRS and request that the released lien by withdrawn. If your request is granted, the lien is removed from your credit report immediately.

Court judgment: Judgments are filed after you lose a trial or ignore a lawsuit and a court grants the opposing party the right to claim money, property, etc. from you. After they’re filed, they’ll stay on your credit report for up to 7 years. Additionally, judgments can be re-filed within that 7-year span and tack an additional 7 years onto the time it will impact you. Needless to say, it’s wise to avoid judgements, whether it be with a creditor, landlord, etc. So if you believe a court date is imminent, do what it takes to explore settling outside of the courthouse. Your credit score will thank you for the next seven years.

Other public records: Other types of public records your credit score could be burned on include foreclosure, wage garnishment and past due child support payments.

Credit Score and Home Insurance

You already know how important a good credit score is to getting approved for loans and securing the best interest rates available on them. But there are other reasons to repair credit aside from low interest rates – like the impact it has on your home insurance premiums. Yes, contrary to what you may have heard elsewhere, your credit score has a direct effect on how much you pay for homeowner’s insurance. For instance, according to PropertyCasualty360:

– Homeowners with bad credit pay up to 91 percent more in home insurance premiums than those with excellent credit.
– Homeowners with average or good credit pay almost 30 percent more than those with excellent credit.
– The FICO score is used by about 85 percent of the nation’s home insurance providers in determining risk.
– West Virginia, Washington D.C., Ohio and Virginia are where there’s the biggest discrepancy between premium costs for those with poor vs. excellent credit.
– California, Massachusetts and Maryland are the three states that prohibit insurers from weighing credit scores into home insurance premiums.

Now there are a lot of factors that also determine an insurance premium (I.e. age of the home, proximity to water, crime rates, etc.), but it’s not unreasonable to think that someone with excellent credit could save hundreds of dollars per year compared to someone with poor credit when it comes to home insurance. Say for example that a homeowner with excellent credit pays $1,000 a year for home insurance. That same homeowner with poor credit may pay $1,910 per year – a whooping $910 more just because of their credit score.

So just why is your credit score weighed so significantly when you’re shopping for home insurance? It’s because creditors have found that the credit score is a great predictor of risk. Therefore, it’s implied that those with poor credit are more likely to file a claim than those with excellent or good credit. It doesn’t matter whether it’s fair or not – it’s a fact that your credit score is a big influencer on your insurance policies.

So if your credit score is lacking, you’re likely paying out the nose on your home insurance as well, making debt management and working to repair credit all the more important. Here are some credit tips on how to increase your score – and thereby save:

– Pay bills on time: This accounts for 35 percent of your FICO score, making on-time payment key.

– Get finances in order: If you can pay down your debt so that it’s around 30 percent of your total credit allotment, you’ll see your score rise.

– Check your credit: Get into a habit of occasionally checking your credit report and looking out for any errors. Errors are common and can negatively impact your score, so if you notice any discrepancies, contact that party and set the record straight.

– Don’t go crazy: Don’t think that closing a paid off account is the answer to credit repair. In many cases, it won’t. Why? Because when you close an account, you also reduce your total credit allotment. Conversely, opening new accounts to increase your allotment isn’t a great credit repair solution either – especially if you run those amounts up.

Credit repair is hard enough. Trust in our team to help you with your credit needs. You can find us by searching key credit repair either with Bing or Google.

Shopping Online Made Easy With Pier 1 Credit Card

Credit cards have become very popular and more businesses are offering credit cards to make the customer experience pleasant at all times. The cards have for the longest time been associated only with banking institutions. They have, however expanded to cover a variety of other service providers to make the convenience enjoyable across the board. Plastic companies are now offering more value through rewards using the plastic money. The Pier 1 Credit Card is one such card that has taken online shopping online to a higher level. Using the card, you can now shop online easy and fast and securely for that matter.

Getting Value from Your Card

When using this credit card, it is important that you take the time to know how the machine works. This makes sure that you are enjoying the best prices possible with every purchase. This is especially important with rewards because you want to know the monetary value that your purchase is worth. When you know the value of points that you accumulate, you will be in a position to know when it is best to redeem to enjoy greater value.

Using this card, you can enjoy a variety of products and services. It is important to evaluate which services and products are most important for you. When you know what you are targeting especially when accumulating points for rewards, you will be able to work with a strategy that comes to your rescue in the end. Frequent flier miles for instance, can be all the motivation that you need to keep using your credit card.

When accumulating your points, you will have two choices in the end. You can redeem the points for money or you can leave the points to accumulate so that you can collect discounts on purchases in the future. Acquisitions are usually created through check mailing or coupons depending on the option that you settle for. Always consider what is more valuable for you before deciding which way to take with your accumulated points with the Pier 1 Credit Card.

Travel miles can also be enjoyed using this card. Within the program, points are gathered to reach a level where they can buy air tickets. Considering how costly air tickets can be, it is without a doubt a program that is loved by many customers. It saves on travel expenses and you can finally enjoy that vacation that you have been longing for without worrying about your air ticket. This is an incredible way of compensating customers using the credit line.

To get the most from any of your credit cards, it is important that you make sure that you make your credit payments in time. It will be much easier to pay within the agreed time to avoid high interest rates and debts which could make your credit experience unpleasant. It makes it important to consider payment options and settling for what you are sure you can keep up with.

How the Financial Management Process Is Transforming

The process of financial management is one of the key processes in an organization. This process plays a vital role in supporting the corporate decisions, while meeting the regulatory and legal requirements. To run an organization smoothly, it is essential to manage its finances in an accurate and appropriate manner. This is why entrepreneurs hire an expert help or partner with a financial service provider to handle end to end accounting tasks.

With a comprehensive network of professionals, finance and accounting service providers bring together the right set of people at the right time to help entrepreneurs lead the financial market. By focusing on improving the performance and increasing the value of a business, these service vendors offer a range of financial services to bring a transformation in this sector.

Well-organized Financial Operations

By structuring and standardizing the accounting functions, an entrepreneur gets empowered to identify the improvement areas and recommend relevant suggestions to overcome industry challenges.

In order to explore the full potential of resources, financial firms integrate advanced technologies and applications that further automate the accounting processes and deliver timely reports and accurate results. This allows the in-house staff to shift their focus on other core areas. Service vendors offer robust platforms and resources to manage transactions and operations of the financial sector.

Service offerings:

• Market research
• Financial planning and management
• Accounting BPO Services
• Banking Services
• Financial research and marketing
• SLA management

With the help of a service provider, entrepreneurs can minimize the risk factor and maximize return on investment, on various financial decisions.

Other allied financial services include:

• General Ledger Accounting
• Accounts Receivable Management
• Accounts Payable Management
• Bank Reconciliation
• Collection Outsourcing

Effective Decision Making

The service vendors deliver an adequate financial plan & a performance management agenda so as to help an entrepreneur make better decisions. Entrepreneurs refer to financial forecasts before making any acquisition or adding a new segment to their business.

The process includes the subsequent offerings:

• Financial Information Management
• Cash & Working Capital Management
• Expense Management
• Financial Reporting & Analysis
• Budgeting & Forecasting

Financial Planning and Transformation

Making a financial strategy helps an entrepreneur redefine their business goals and ways to accomplish them. It helps a financial officer to evidently articulate the fiscal vision of an organization, analyze the process efficiency and develop a future ready business model.

To bring transformation in the financial processes, it is essential to understand the business needs and then plan ahead for success. Financial transformation involves a review of the entire process and explores the growth and challenging areas that an entrepreneur need to focus upon. Service providers suggest relevant changes to be implemented in a business for process improvement.
Due to new and improve methods and business solutions the process of financial management is transforming drastically.